Finally something new in the Blogging World,

After 3 years in the Web Industry, Eiman Hamza, founder of the lifestyle blog, decided to bring on board her two sisters creating an online family mixing the different perosnalities made from the same blood. What’s different is not the blog, not the sisters, but the idea of three sisters living different lives, in different worlds, but connected in many ways.

Eiman lives in Italy working in the fashion industry with her husband Michael Scarpellini, both founders of the brand Happiness and the Mycloset Italia chain. A creative mind that is some- times so lost in thought that brings innovation to her brands and lifetsyle.

Samar, the middle sister, lives in New York studying at Columbia University, enjoing the strug- gle of being a student, getting her career together in the medical enviroment, while being fully involved in the hustle and bustle of the fashion industry in New York City.

And Dunia, the youngest sister, working together with the family from Los Angeles, living the urban and trendy Los Angeles life, trying to piece together her passion for communication and traveling.

Born and raised in Los Angeles to Egyptian parents; Eiman, Samar, and Dunia are the perfect description of what the world is in this moment beyond News and tabloids. Living through them will stimulate so many people by representing the new society we are living in.

Enjoy this trip with the Hamza Sisters for a revolution that doesn’t have to be made of useless bombs and wars, but made of simple things such as food, fashion, travel, family, education, and lifestyle that can create a real difference.


One thought on “Story

  1. Trovo l’idea del tripplo blog bellissima come trovo bellissima l’idea miscellanea di culture e stili!
    Un saluto da quella che da oggi diventa una nuova seguace del Vostro Blog!

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